17 April, 2014

"Linens Book Signing at Hudson Grace . . . "

Cathy Kincaid

I feel like there is the first wisp of "spring cleaning" in the air these days.  Everyone that I've talked to is plotting fresh paint colours and snappy new bed linens as we slowly re-awaken from this long, national nightmare called "the winter to 2014."

So here's a little something to inspire you along your way to a bright, Spring vortex of happiness - Jane Scott Hodges' amazing new book - Linens.  If you're not familiar with Jane's name - surely you know of her amazing company Leontine Linens.

Charlotte  Moss for Holiday House 2013 
Katie Ridder
If you're in the Bay Area - Jane is having a book signing on the 23rd at Hudson Grace on Sacramento Street.  Come by!

to rsvp for the event - contact info@hudsongracesf.com


all images from Leontine Linens.

10 April, 2014

"#TBT . . . Revisiting a Revisited Visit . . . "


Y'all know I've been writing for several years.  It's been over 5 years since I first pressed "publish" on a rainy November night in 2008.  As my readership has grown over the years . . . I thought I might take a Thursday (every now and again) to re-publish a few missives from those first few years.  I thought I'd start with a wandering little story about my visit to Yorkshire many years ago.

"Revisiting 'Revisited'"
- from April, 2009

Ah . . . . "Brideshead Revisited, The Sacred and Profane Memories of Charles Ryder." There are always those touchstones that seem to continue to influence one throughout one's life - and Evelyn Waugh's masterpiece from 1945 is one of mine. I received the DVD of the new film yesterday and have been watching various bonus tracks and commentaries since then. And, my, it brings back memories . . . .

I first met the story in a different form, in the early '80's, when I watched the PBS mini-series based on the book.

I can recall that I had a gruesome series of piano lessons on Tuesday evenings, and every week I would create some new, grand lie to tell Mrs. Cranston so that I could leave my lesson early and be home in time to see it from the opening credits. Seriously, it was like drowning in beauty and clearly one of my early influences and the beginning of my love of English design.

I was excited, although frankly a bit worried, when I heard that there was a new film production set to release in 2008. How was anyone ever going to be able to re-create the magic that I had felt as a teenager sitting in our darkened living room in Mississippi. The good news is . . . they didn't try.

The new film is as different from the mini-series as either of them are from the original book (which I re-read usually once a year.) The story has been compressed, of course, and some plot lines re-ordered, but one must expect that when a 300 page book in condensed into a 2 hour film. I had the opportunity to see the film with a friend who had not seen the mini-series, so I had a chance to compare my impressions of the film with someone seeing it with 'fresh' eyes. Whilst not as grand as the book, and in many ways, not a magical as the TV series, it is a compelling re-imagination of a complex and twisting story. If you saw the film, I highly recommend the TV series. There are lengthy sections that are verbatim from the book and the cinematography is spectacular. and seriously, one of the best soundtracks on earth.

The Great Hall, Castle Howard
Ah . . . but my love of "Brideshead" does not end there . . . Above is a photo of the great hall (just under the central dome) at Castle Howard, the residence used as the setting for both the mini-series and the recent film. In 2002, I had the great fortune of spending a good part of a cold, rainy February day investigating the grounds and touring the house.

For those of you who know me (and know of my penchant for sneaking into churches to sing), I love hearing the acoustics of amazing spaces. While I was at Castle Howard that afternoon, there was a violinist playing folk songs in the great hall. I was still wandering about when I noticed that there was an sudden silence - and that the musician had taken a little break for some tea.

I asked one of the docents, somewhat humbly, if I could sing a bit . . . just to hear a human voice in the space. She giggled and said "Certainly."

So . . . after a deep breath, I launched into a series of Byrd motets and marveled at the sound flying around the huge dome. Wow. It was one of the most magical moments of my life. Just as the last echo faded, a kind gentleman walked through and thanked me for singing. I humbly thanked him, thanked the docent, and went on my way to see the glorious long gallery one last time before leaving.

It was several moments later when I realized the gentleman was, in fact, the honourable Simon Howard, the castle's current resident. I'm glad I didn't know who he was at the time, for surely I would have fumbled a awkward response . . . lol.

Ah, "Brideshead Revisited," such a constant in my life.


08 April, 2014

"Decorate Fearlessly . . . "


I wanted to congratulate my good friend Susanna Salk on her new book, "Decorate Fearlessly" - which debuts today!  I believe there's even an image of my own little home within the pages of this very inspiring book.  

"Featuring inspiring interiors from today’s top designers, Decorate Fearlessly shows us how to be bold and personal with our design choices, creating spaces that we love to live in.Decorate Fearlessly is both a photographic trove of fabulously designed homes—by such renowned designers as Mary McDonald, Ashley Hicks, Alex Papachristidis, and Jonathan Adler, among many others—and an inspirational how-to-decorate volume with spirit and verve. Susanna Salk captures a wide range of sophisticated interiors, spanning the spectrum from modern to traditional and from bohemian to more formal, while highlighting rule-breaking design ideas that celebrate whimsy and personal style rather than predictable, safe looks."

The book is available now!  


06 April, 2014

"National Tartan Day 2014 . . . "


Once again - as we wind our way into early April - the National Tartan Day alert pings on my calendar program.  The date was first celebrated in 1997 - as a day to recognize Americans of Scottish descent. So - as per usual - we host a festival of images celebrating all things tartan.  The collection of pictures includes shots from some of our projects here in California, from our recent spread in House Beautiful (from my own home!), and fashion from around the world.

I hope you're celebrating the day in great style . . .

SMW Design, Nob Hill Library 
Alexander Villevalde, Self Portrait
SMW Design, from House Beautiful 2013
(photography by Thayer Gowdy)

Lapo Elkan, for Vogue 
SMW Design, from House Beautiful 2013
(photography by Thayer Gowdy)
SMW Design, from House Beautiful 2013
(photography by Thayer Gowdy)
The Queen Mother, at the Highland Fling

SMW Design, Holiday 2011
(photography by Nicolas Smith)

SMW Design, Piedmont Library
(photography by Nicolas Smith)

Hackett London, Fall 2013 
The Prince of Wales
SMW Design, for House Beautiful 2013
(photography by Thayer Gowdy)


02 April, 2014

"SMWD in 7X7 Magazine . . . "


I'm delighted to finally share one of our recent projects - just published in 7X7 Magazine.  As with one's children or pets . . . it's always hard to choose a favourite amongst the homes we design here at SMW Design . . .

But, I have always LOVED this loft project in San Francisco.  A great client.  An amazing space.  A creative direction 'to be lush and dramatic.'  And the time to get everything perfect.

Take a peek . . .

" . . . He contacted interior designer Scot Meacham Wood to make it happen. The duo shares two important similarities: Both grew up on the south side of the Mason-Dixon Line (Wood was raised in Mississippi) and both have a baronial, to-the-manor-born aesthetic. Gegenheimer gets his from his mother (who had an eye for architectural detail) and his father (who “had little tolerance for aesthetics beyond the classically European”). Wood, whose penchant for tartan is nearly a trademark, developed his style while watching Brideshead Revisited as a teenager, and sealed the deal after 13 years in creative services at Ralph Lauren. Theirs was a professional match made in design heaven.

“My style is tied to my upbringing. I grew up in the South, in a community laced with period architecture and a pride in our history, culture, and irreverence for modernity. Once New Orleans is in your heart, it’s there to stay,” Gegenheimer says. “It can be hard to work in a goal-oriented profession in a meritocratic city, so I needed my home to reflect a certain steadiness and escape.”

from 7X7 Magazine, by Mary Jo Bowling 

For the complete spread and full article . . . you can click HERE.

Photography by Joe Fletcher.


31 March, 2014

"San Francisco Cottages & Garden Magazine . . . "


As a firm devote of interior design magazines - it's always great when something new hits to newsstands - and starting tomorrow . . . that "new thing" is San Francisco Cottages & Gardens.

SFC&G debuts with a marvelous collection of editorials and articles.  Beautiful photography.  Great writing.  One of my favourtites is this lovely home by my good friend Beth Martin.  There's even a wee bit of me.

I was delighted to to be included with a collection of local designers - as we describe our usual Saturday shopping locales.  You can see several here.  And I'm hanging out over here.


26 March, 2014

"Design . . . by Wes Anderson . . . "

Hey y'all!

Yes.  The lights are on . . . and, yes, we're still here at SMWD.  2014 has started off with a bang - and we've been playing catch-up around here for the last several weeks.

But . . . THIS . . . I had to share.  After watching "The Grand Budapest Hotel" a week or so back - I fell *back* in love with Wes Anderson's darling films.  And now you can colour-palette directly from the silver screen.

It's my favourite thing today!


04 March, 2014

"Seminar Series - 'Designed to Inspire' . . . "


I'm delighted to announce that our 3-part seminar series "Designed to Inspire" is back by popular demand!  We launched the series last summer - and will revisit the topics again this Spring at the newly opened offices of Coupar Consulting at 101 Henry Adams #416 here in San Francisco.  Take a look at the topics and dates below - and please consider joining in the conversation!  

For more information about tickets, pricing, or to reserve your seats - click HERE

Click HERE for information - or to reserve your seats!

See you there,

03 March, 2014

"Stop. This Is EVERYTHING . . . "

Lupito Nyong'o from "12 Years a Slave"


After what seemed like an incredibly emotional evening at the Academy Awards . . . this is the image that is going to stay with me.  Lupito.  Just re-organizing her dress after an interview on the red carpet.



19 February, 2014

"Patrick's Note Pad - 'Bobeche' . . . "


Let's take a few moments and pick apart the mechanics of a chandelier.  The word "bobeche" is what we're looking for.

See it there on the left hand side?  It's the little cup at the base of the candle.  It's usefulness is a hold-over from an earlier time when the bobeche would catch dripping wax from the burning candles.  In modern pieces, especially in the crystal fixtures, they are also used to hang decorative prisms.  As a more decorative element, it is also used at the top of the fixture - just below the mounting "hanger loop."

Next stop - home security for the letter "c."


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